In Our Neighborhood

The College Club of Boston is located in Back Bay, a unique and historic neighborhood of downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Get directions.

        Commonwealth Avenue Mall, just outside our front door.

Getting around in Boston

Unlike most of the United States, Boston's narrow streets and dense building configuration often makes getting around by foot, public transit, or bicycle easier than driving. The subway, or "T" as we refer to it here, allows visitors and residents to access the majority of the city without need for a car.

About Back Bay

Back Bay is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Boston, and is known as the home of the city's tallest skyscrapers; its historic brownstones; the natural beauty of Commonwealth Avenue's tree-lined mall; and Newbury Street's world-renowned shopping.

Until the mid-1800s, Back Bay was little more than a swampy tidal bay nearly separating the peninsula of Boston from the mainland. From the 1850s to the 1880s, an ambitious landfill project almost doubled the size of the city and created the entirety of the modern neighborhood that we know today. For more information:
Back Bay on Wikipedia - Includes the unique architectural and natural history of the surrounding area.
Back Bay on Wikitravel - Dining and nightlife listings, cultural attractions, and transit information.

What's within walking distance?

The College Club's unique central location allows guests and members walking proximity (less than half a mile) to virtually any type of pleasure the city can offer. Our interactive map of some nearby amenities and attractions will help make your stay most enjoyable, but this map is by no means comprehensive of what the city has to offer. Click on any icon below to learn more.  View our within walking distance map(<.5 miles)

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